Omatterial(s) – Omlab’s material prototypes

Omlab makes environmentally, circular compounds for 3dprinting, construction and nature development out of (sewage) water waste.

Biodesign: grondstoffen van de toekomst

Maacq Oase is t/m 16 mei '22 te zien in 'Biodesign, grondstoffen van de toekomst', CODA Apeldoorn.

Omlab’s printmaterials featured in Materialdistrict

Article about Omlab's waste based 3D-printable material prototypes: BuildMatterial and ItBettermatter.

Let’s make #3dcp a lot more sustainable!

Omlab researches ecologically sound and constructive options for sustainable #3dcp with circular resources from (waste) water management.

Omlab x Robot Lab | Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Omlab and The Robot Lab join forces during the minor program 'Robotic Production & Circular Materials'.

The Future of Us x Omlab

Razende Reporter Lisanne Halleriet bezocht Omlab vanwege The Future of Us in Arnhem. 

World Design Embassy: The Exploded View

1 biobased huis, 80 circulaire materialen en methoden. Lucas De Man vertelt o.a. over Omlab.

No concrete: American 3dcp-vlogger visits Omlab

American tech correspondent vlogs about Omlab's sustainable materialprototype for 3dprinted construction.

Nieuwsbrief Energie- en Grondstoffenfabriek (EFGF)

Omlab-partner EFGF publiceert regelmatig over de samenwerking. 

Trouw: milieuvriendelijke 3d-print wereldprimeur

Expositie Design by nature in Museum de Fundatie brengt 'top van de biokunst' bijeen.